Mission Objective / Brief Text:Edit

  • Verbatim text for scrolling &/or Voice-Over

Victory Conditions:Edit

  • What player must do to advance to next mission

Mission Failed Conditions:Edit

  • Anything that will cause gamer to have to replay mission.

Artifact Collection:Edit

  • New Tech Artifacts that are available for harvesting.

Mission Timer:Edit

  • The time constraints on the player achieving Mission Objectives.

Mission Brief Map:Edit

  • Map of Mission Sector - a topographic.
  • File download or view links (can upload to this server.)

Package Brief Running Time:Edit

  • How many seconds does the Mission Brief take-up.

Package File Formats: Text, GFX & SFX.Edit

  • Cross-platform file formats that should be used in creating these elements.

Screen Stills:Edit

  • Static Screen Modus with Mission Brief text overlay.
  • File download or view links (can upload to this server.)


  • Custom In-game movie to be used with Voice-over (mixed).
  • File download links.

Original Music:Edit

  • Music played during mission.
  • File download links.

Original SFX:Edit

  • Any SFX to be Mixed with Voice-over.
  • File download links.

Voice Acting:Edit

  • Mission Objectives TEXT Voice acted.
  • File download links.

Pkg. Component Editing & Integration:Edit

  • Status of combining all elements of a Mission Brief.
  • File download links.

General Comments:Edit

Related Links:Edit