Code ReDev BuildsEdit

  • We track the run-up to & the actual releases.

Code ReDev Projects First Build DONE !!Edit

  • The "First Win Build" is READY !!: version 1.10a.
  • This is what has been done:
  • Increase unit limits to 300.
  • Includes Troman's 2 New Script Functions for writing A.I.s
  • Increase Factory build order queue from 9 to 25
  • Increase commander limits
  • Increase research tree limits
  • Increase polygon and points limits to 512
  • ALSO: Member noid is preparing his Linux Port work in the repository for continued concurent & platform indie dev.
  • NEXT Win Build will likely inc:
  • Addressing known bug of the CTD caused by exceeding the # of Maps imposed by the "Widget Limits".
  • Implement "Commander Upgrades"
  • Integrate * Troman's String Support in the scripting engine.
  • More ?
  • Grab the latest build &/or contribute here:
  • Rman

What Next ?Edit

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