Modeling Behavior & BoonsEdit

  • "Effective Courage"
  • "Recklessness"
  • The "Commander Class"
  • The "Non-Commissioned Class"

Rman On Modeling "Effective Courage"Edit

  • But one thing that all this has caused me to consider is this:
  • HOW to model the typical Rookie psychology under fire.
  • The Rookie status is the baseline. It has to work at that level or the player will not accept anything that follows.
  • The continuum I'm mulling over would be based on damage taken per click.
  • More damage per click = Recklessness
  • Less damage per click = Effective Courage
  • So what I'm getting at is that we should consider this in the equation as we do a unit's offensive success.
  • Let's call it: Effective Courage Boost
  • If a unit causes more damage than it suffers in an engagment it should qualify for the boons of experience & rising rank...
  • In a 1ts time firefight the psychology of a "Rookie will run the gamut from petrified to reckless response to effective courage.
  • The only way I can think of modeling this is thru that comparative damage metric.
  • Any thoughts ?

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