Feb. '05 Archived News ItemsEdit

Over 50,000 "GC" DownloadedEdit

  • Bronco passed this info & it has made for big smiles. :)
  • Ground Control came-out within a year of WZ & it was RT Tactical, which was pioneered by Bungie with their "Myth" some years earlier..
  • As a FREE d/l at "File Planet" GC has done very well.
  • IMO so would Warzone.
  • Some are looking to make that a Public reality like the "GC" file. This is HUGELY important to growing the Fan Base.

New Skirmish A.I. on the HorizonEdit

  • It's in Beta-testing right now.
  • Your in for some kinda treat. :-)
  • Scripting a sophisticated CAM A.I. is one thing....
  • To achive a "human-like" sophistication in a general-purpose Skirmish A.I. is a whole order of magnitude beyond that.
  • When I say "sophisticated" I specifically mean that the A.I. personality is multi-dimensional.
  • It's employing offensive & defensive tactics AND strategy simultaneously....
  • So far - pretty impressive.
  • Don't know exactly when the creator of this A.I. plans on a public release but stay tuned - as soon as he does I'll report here with the hotlink...
  • Rman Jack

Q & A With Ex-PumpkinsEdit

  • When Pumpkin Studios was closed most on the team formed a new company called Pivotal Games.
  • One of the head honchos @ Pivotal has just done a Q & A with Computor & Video Games.
  • And mighty interesting it is. :)
  • It's Stuart Poole talkin' & not Alex M. but he's got some insightful revelations about their new game which by inference is what has been keeping Alex McLean & the rest of the crew very busy.
  • The "Conflict" franchise has been a glowing financial sucess throughout the world.
  • For me it's been a mixed bag: there's been stuff I really liked & stuff I thought was far less than stellar (like the CAM A.I. in "C: Vietnam".. the last outing)
  • That being said -
  • I predict this game the Ex-Pumpkins are working on now will be their finest artistic creation since Warzone !!
  • I'm glad to say they have addressed all constructive feedback on every level of game architecture (including A.I.).
  • They also sound like they're cutting loose with their imaginations & having grand FUN creating this lastest installment !
  • Stuart Poole's Q & A is very much worth reading.
  • Go take a gander & tell us what ya think.
  • Our Current Events Section is a good place to share your opinions on this Q & A.
  • Rman Jack

WZ Net Multi-Player ExperienceEdit

  • Horrible..... sux, limited, stupid, devoid of any real tacs or strats beyond
  • A click-fest to "Rush" & nothing more..
  • The "Death" of the game....
  • We've all heard these pronouncements, denouncements or appraisals of the On-line WZ Gameing Experience over the years.
  • The Question becomes:
  • HOW ? to address or change for the better...
  • In the spirit of attaining realities that transcend pure prose to effect operational code or mods.....
  • Do share your thoughts toward Working Solutions that enhance the WZ Gameplay Experience.

Networking & CheatingEdit

  • What about Cheating ?
  • A critical issue only becoming more acute as Net Gaming grows & some folks are even making a living at it with substantial cash prizes being awarded.
  • An extensive, cogent, discussion of 'High-Tech' solutions has recomenced in earnest & here's the link to it:
  • And followed-up here at this Hotlink:

Next ItemEdit

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