What If ?Edit

  • Looking to cutting-edge Tech & Scientific Theory for inspiration in: Story Premises, Gameplay Mechanics & wherever a robust imagination can conjure with versimiltude, engageing the "willing suspension of disbelief.

Hot Deep Biosphere TheoryEdit

  • Oil on Mars ? A Real Possibility.....
  • Professor Thomas Gold at Cornell University has a theory.
  • So called "Fossil Fuels" may NOT have been formed from decayed prehistoric plants & critters.
  • Rather "Hydrocarbons" formed deep within the planets interior long BEFORE life formed on the Earth's surface.
  • There is much more to the theory & it has yet to be validated experimentally but it does lead to some postulations which go contrary to convention.
  • And one of those postulations is that MARS could very well have Oil Deposits. Sounds heretical, doesn't it ?
  • So much for all my postings about the need to create "Hydrogen Fuel" & "GeoThermal" Tech. Course that could still be done.... But the Oil Derricks could just be modded to pump "Mars Oil".
  • Interested:
  • Prof. Gold's facinating book:
  • The Deep Hot Biosphere

Comments on Theory or Game PostulationsEdit

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