January 2005 Archived NewsEdit

NEWS Flash: PIE Slicer GuysEdit

  • Speedy needs a little hand with EXISTING New Models to get WZup out the door & into the community.
  • If your intrigued check out his post hotlinked below.
  • We stand behind Speedy & his contributions so feel free to help if you want - it's what we're all about. :)

Rman JackRman Jack 03:00, 12 Jan 2005 (PST)

File Host Server AvailableEdit

  • File Host Server is up. Interested in access just message @ Rman JackRman Jack
  • If you have questions message me directly to be sure I see.
  • If you need input on your projects feel free to message me.
  • If you'd like assistance on anything donot hesitate to ask by contacting me directly.

We're Friendly Associates HereEdit

  • If you're just a fan checking in, curious about what we're up to - well then welcome & feel free to share what you like about WZ & what you hope will be created by the New Content Associates working in this neighborhood. :)
  • One of the Major Projects Underway is Coyote's WZ Mars Campaign. This is a very ambitious project that already has years of work invested in it. There are many playable maps that are ready for testing.
  • The Mars CAM could use some models of Units & Structs. There is also the Scripting.
  • The WZ Mars Campaign can be found in the Projects Section which is hotlinked below via the TOC.
  • Or you can jump directly to:

Mars Campaign Project

  • Other efforts involve New Content under dev by Colin, Rush2049 & myself.
  • We can always use collaborating associates, so check it out, might find some common interests.

Warzone 2100 on the X-Box ?Edit

  • Some extremely talented & innovative coders known as TeamXodus, have an X-box Mod Chip that "blows the lid off the sucker". (Funkadelics ref via George Clinton aka godfather of Funk.)
  • It's called the Xenium it features a totally legal OS that was coded by the team bottom-up.
  • The "Xenium" can be installed solderlessly, allow you to unlock the full power of the X-box and even run applications like Linux !
  • The "Xenium" OS is at version 2.0 & sports a colossal 1.35 million lines of code !!
  • Hella package considering you can pick-up an X-Box for $ 75 US !
  • Here's this increable teams Home url:

[1] TeamXodus HQ]

  • And btw, just in case you miss the correlation:
  • The Linux port of WZ could possibly be played on the X-Box - LEGALLY !!!
  • Now what was the installed base again.... oh yea.... the X-Box has NO real RTS's in their library of games.

Next Archive StoryEdit

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