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  • once we have all our stuff together what all is needed to compile it. a step by step detailed description would come in handy right about now as i do not have one for the documents Project. lavcoyote25
  • I'll post what I have in the World Edit Knowledge Base later today.

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Mars Backstory Equals Tech RationaleEdit

  • This is an off-shoot to T. Gold's "Deep Hot Biosphere" Theory & the NON-fossil origins of Oil.
  • It also posits a New Use for the "LAS-Sat & SAT-UPLINK"..
  • Lastly... it addresses "Boot-strapping" premises which have heretofore NOT been addressed.
  • Let me backtrack & then come back full-circle to the hand-writing on the wall..... Adeiu.
  • This is my POV approaching it from a Sci-fi perspective to achieve versimilitude, credibility or that "willing suspension of disbelief."
  • Fundamental Considerations:
  • Available or usuable Energy Source
  • Raw Materials
  • Manufacturing Capacity
  • Scenario 1: Mars already has an extraterrestial Energy Infrastructure Grid that can be tapped-into.
  • Scenario 2: "Start-Gate" everything from Earth to build # 1 (NOT the movie... rather Robert Heinlien's concept of 50 years ago.)
  • Scenario 3: Energy Infrastructure for initial foothold to build manufacturing capacity has to be "Boot-strapped" to Mars.
  • "Boot-strapping" to Mars to achieve Martian Manufacturing independence is a 4-staged process, IMO:
  • A.) Establish Lunar Colony including component manufacturing capacity.
  • B.) Lunar finished sub-assembly components are "sling-shot or catapulted" into a Martian Gravity Well trajectory for eventual High Martian Orbit.
  • C.) Once "B" is achieved the level 1 Solar Energy Harvesting components are assembled in Martian orbit. Orbital Transmission Array is assembled. Components for surface energy reception, raw material extraction, surface & sub-surface energy conversion & manufacturing capacity are payload / shuttled down.
  • D.) Surface assemblies of "C" allow for foothold establishment & eventual independence from most imports of Moon or Martian Orbit facilities.
  • Even after Martian surface independence is acheived the Orbital boot-strapping infrastructure CAN still be in-play.
  • A Martian Explorer expedition or small Research Colony is WAY different than supporting a Martian War Machine in the WZ-sense.
  • Back to South America for me.. Heh.  ;)


WZ On "Glorious Mars"Edit

  • The god of War in Mythology, Mars was not a locale I ever contemplated for a WZ CAM till Coyote began working on it a few years back.
  • My CAM focus was (& still is) South America & Asia. But Mars has grown on me thanks to Coyote's marvelous work on the CAM maps. To such a degree that I felt a passion to contribute to its ultimate realization.
  • It has also led me to explore Mars like I haven't since I devoured Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series of novels.
  • The last few days I have been perusing a book called: Destination Mars by Alain Dupas. (Originally pub. in French in 2002, then trans. & pub. in English in 2004.)
  • OH my god...... "Glorious Mars" is the only way to come close to the artist renderings in this magnificent book.
  • Am re-inspired to complete the Mars Texture Tile Set. Especially the Polar Ice Caps - renderings to die for.
  • Now if Chojun's Sky Paint Box is implemented in WZ. WOW !!!
  • Talk about TOTAL, Visceral, Immersive Gameplay. :-)
  • The Artist who did these enchanting renderings is Ron Miller. He also was the set-designer for such movies as Dune and Total Recall.
  • Check your local library for a copy & if they don't have it ask 'em to order it !
  • Coincidentally Coyote lives in Canada & the publisher of this book is Canadian !
  • Six-degrees of seperation & serendipity all rolled-up into an amazing whole.
  • Have a look inside:

Destination Mars

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