Olympus Mons area:Edit

log entry 1:

  • build and re-enforce the beach head...
  • set up and maintain Dustoff pads with Laser AA emplacements for Recon / Defensive Vtol units
  • New structure on line - now able to produce Cyber Engineering and Repair units - Technology brought by exploration team to be set up asneeded /required.
  • Search for and find a way to utilize resources
  • - still need to find a reliable source of power that is not oil or nuke based - possible wind or solar power? mineral deposits?

Marsxtreme1 mission

Log entry 2:

  • Attacked by a group of unknown entities today.

( story line concerning the UE is being worked on - see the 4 part series of conversations... will have to develop that as well - flashback sort of to the past - where a (crashed?) lander is discovered by other exploring individuals - who upgrade the original to sentience and then are killed off by a bacterium that lay in the inner workings... (2007? to 2125 - 118 years to be specific - should be ample time for a viral bacterium to eradicate biologicals no matter from what world.)

  • drove them off - Heavy casualties among the ( insert name here )

( units to be announced later - possible non armoured flesh types... as well as our own units that will be made for this mod)

  • From the parts and pieces left of the enemy units - discovered new technology - will analyze and incorporate to produce new units.
  • New unit - LOS Rapid fire Chain Gun on new chassis

( LAC25 - coded - Coyote ) ;) - Based on cyber engineer chasis - light armoured - fast - small armament - strong sensor - ideal recon vehicle.

Log entry 3:

  • New units able to survive multiple hits.
  • New units - Rapid fire rail gun type... Rapid fire Scourge Missile rack (auto loading )
  • New structure on line - able to produce aircraft for scouting and defensive craft.
  • Search for resources successful - found several areas that contained ( ? )just south - south west of our Landing Zone. (( resource needs to be identified yet as it is doubtfull that oil exists on mars ))
  • Entity attacks continue to plague our toehold on this unforgiving planet.

Having established your Main base of operations - explorations of the surrounding areas in search of resources and possible artifact locations - ( Artifacts - Alien buildings / parts / pieces / etc... ). Discoverey of alien structures may contain technology that is usable. research. lets get some ideas going on this - flesh it out...

Work in progrss...

Template For Scripting AnalysisEdit

  • For Purposes of Reference - The following needs to be born in mind whenever approaching a Mission Construct.

Questions To Be AnsweredEdit

  • These ?'s will have to be answered in order to move from the present stage to a Scripting Analysis Doc. which is, in turn, what will be needed to go to the actual scripting phase.

I'll start providing feedback in that direction starting tomorrow.

  • BTW: Did you see the Map Review Faithcat posted today ? I copied it over to the Mars Maps Section "Discussion Space".

Rman JackRman Jack 20:59, 10 Jan 2005 (PST)

Some First ConsiderationsEdit

  • This Cam unfolds on Mars ergo two things that are foundational to that off-world experience:

1.) NO Oil - NO Derricks... I have 3 suggestions for Energy Sources that can be gauged by how much work - Some to Lots - as far as implementing. I'll post l8r.

2.) The Truck Model: Out of all units, surely the most Earth-bound by looks alone. Meaning - it screams for an extraterra-model.

* see new models - elric. nuff said.

Whereas you can readily get away with most other unit models - the present truck's appearence completely belies any immersion into a Mars Experience. I mean, it looks too much like an earth-bound dump-truck made by Chevy... hehe. ;)

* yes - agreed the present models leave a lot to be desired.. and as is usual for me  - i have had to wait very patiently, and yes i still am.

More to follow... Rman JackRman Jack 09:55, 11 Jan 2005 (PST)

Some SuggestionsEdit

  • Manned Lunar-Rover based Trucks
  • New Energy Resource Possibilities.

1.) First: OIL & derricks are no-no's

  • agreed - this was discussed at length on the old msn site.. through a msn messenger and also trough messages.

2.) If Dericks GFX is redone as say a "Gas Refinery" then oil-resource map tile GFX matte has to be re-done. Then the question becomes: what gas ? Following the "SC" model, you could postulate a gas type.

  • the gasses actually on mars was looked into by marsbound2024 - there is a page devoted to resources - just was not feeling so great the last few days.. will try to get it up asap.
3.) If you go "Solar-Collector", which can be planted anywhere, then a whole schema for energy-economics has to be devised. Meaning that the entire Oil-Schema has to be discarded.

4.) If you postulate a pre-existing, extra-terrestial "Energy Grid" (like in the classic S.F. Movie "Forbbiden Plaent") based on say "Geothermal" ... Then the entire oil-economy schema could be used & all that would be needed is New GFX to replace oil-map-tile mattes & the derricks....

  • IMHO, Nos. 2 & 4 are the most feasible to implement.
  • No. 3 is the least feasible as it would entail addressing the Source Code & that is not likely presently or anytime soon. Perhaps a year or so from now when the Source has been more modularized following OO, that could be a more reasonable option, IMHO.
  • One last possibility, or maybe not:

5.) Following # 2 & 4 - Waste-reclamation / methane generation modeled on pig & cow poop tech except using cyborg chit to generate energy... The downside would be you'd a whole lot of chit to run a decent economy... ;)

  • Of course we can also consider an old stand-by:

6.) Mini-Fusion Reactors..... Use the underlieing oil-economy schema, replace the GFX & Tile Mattes.... & justify the Mattes as "Underground Water Deposits".....

  • By the same rational & procedure as #6 we can also postulate:

7.) Hydrogen-Fuel based economy.

  • see above comments under yours - all of the above can be implemented with little of at best a medium amount of labour.. after waitng this long - and seeing all this conversation - makes me feel my labours not been in vain.


Rman JackRman Jack 12:14, 11 Jan 2005 (PST)

Victory Conditions: DEFINEEdit

  • What player MUST accomplish to move-on to next mission ?
  • What, where & when: Enemy Event Triggers to challenge player to achieve Conditions to Victory ?
  • List for "Sure Rewards" & "Possible but not Necessary Rewards".... could be Artifacts, could be rank, could be captured enemy Units / Tech... & so on....
  • May as well start to consider "Exact Map Coordinates" for All Scripted Events.

Rman JackRman Jack 07:42, 15 Jan 2005 (PST)