Persnal FavoritesEdit


  • lol, well here are my favorite movies and anime: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Nuruto, and Samuria 7. My favorite TV is Smallville.. I have season 3 on DVD, and am trying to get 1 and 2. ~rush2049~


  • Smallville, One Tree, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, OC, Alias, Lost, Boston Legal.
  • Hero, House of a Thousand Daggers, Crouching Tiger & any movie by Ang Lee.
  • My Good Friend Totoro, Princess Monoke, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

Tim Burton's Next FlixEdit

  • For Halloween '05 release
  • The Brides Corpse
  • Check-out this totally cool trailer:

Brides Corpse Trailer

Rman JackRman Jack

Gene Kelly Gets JiggyEdit

  • One of the sweetest examples of what's called Viral or Memetic Marketing.
  • Couldn't believe my eye's when I first saw it on TV yesterday.
  • Gene Kelly, right up there with Fred Astaire, in the pantheon of modern dance gods.
  • Classic scene from the classic "Singing In the Rain" movie musical of '50s.
  • Ol Gene pop 'n lockin, hip-hopin in the rain..... suave, debonair & ultra-cool.
  • ALSO - It has got to be the one of the finest jobs of digital modding & re-mastering of FMV that I have ever seen...
  • It so friggin kwel..... you gotta check-it-out.... especially if you've seen the original.
  • It's Quicktime formated.
  • Rman

Keep 'em Comin'Edit

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