NIKER's Various WZ CreationsEdit

  • One of our hard-working creators who's stuff is 1st Class all the way.

NIKER's KMS: K-I-C-K Mod SwitcherEdit

  • Try it you'll like it !
  • I've just recently come to NIKER's KMS.
  • And only because I'm looking at a pre-release of Niker's latest work on his Become Prey A.I. (KMS version) - which is a topic for a later discussion.
  • KMS is what I want to touch on here.
  • Now I've had a long history with WZS that goes back to it's birth in an IRC chat in May '99.
  • I've never used anything else & think Troman's development work over the years has been outstanding. That's like 5+ years & indicative of the dedication of some of our members in creating WZ stuff.
  • I'll continue to use WZS, no doubt.
  • But now, I'll also use KMS & am glad to have finally been open to trying it out.
  • It's a different approach to handling WZ Mod .wdgs that has much to recommend it.
  • NIKER has also addressed some of the issues with the orginal v.1.11 Patch.
  • His version is called Pure v.1.11 & he has made KMS such that you can run this patch ver. along with his BP A.I. which altogether makes for some great skirmish gaming.
  • NIKER has thought-out KMS really well & running it. Going back & forth with WZS is easy & painless.
  • Having both WZS & KMS is the way to go.
  • There are other neat features to KMS..... But you can discover that for yourself by d/l & installing... You'll be glad you did.
  • Hop on over to NIKER'S & get yourself some very kwel WZ toys.

Comments On NIKER's StuffEdit

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