Clue to the Branching Technique in S.A. CAMEdit

  • It is unique.
  • Never done before & thus totally original.
  • It will also be inlclusive of:
  • The "Global Command Interface"
  • New "Rank & Experience" mechanisms & imperatives.
  • New "Threat Analysis" schema incorporating "Intel ECMs".
  • In due course I'll detail it all & how it fits together.
  • First I will begin with the Branching Mechanism
  • When you read the 1st Mission Briefing & it's delineation into 5 Non-reapeating Branches you may be wondering what I'm doing and HOW the following will be achieved:
  • 1.) Multiple Outcomes within overall continuity.
  • 2.) A different gameplay experience every play-through.
  • 3.) The futility of trying to construct a "Walk-thru"....
  • There are other things happening but let's for the moment focus on those 3 considerations.
  • Instead of just blatantly explaining it I'm going to give you clues useing "Lateral Thinking Tools".
  • A.) Let the following reprepresent a "Funnel" comprised of "Catchment Basin" and "Neck":
  • -<(
  • Let this also be a graphic representation of a Mission & it's Multiple Branches.
  • B.) Let the Following Graphic Representation stand for 2 progresive Missions with theiir branches as well as their fluid intersection & continuity preservation:
  • )>--<(
  • C.) Let the the following Graphic Representation stand for a sequence of Branched Missions in a Major CAM Section:
  • )>--<()>--<()>--<()>--<()>--<(

  • Was that a helpful clue ?
  • Btw - I do realize I have not defined the Intersection of "Catchment Basins".

New Component AddedEdit

  • This has evolved over the last couple months.
  • It now includes a New Feature to Troman's Warzone Starter.
  • I haven't talked to him about it yet but I'm pretty sure it's possible to implement.
  • Basically you would use "WZS" to launch a Campaign in a similiar way to launching Skirmish.
  • It would meld randomized A.I. personalities to a Cam Mission map that was sector bounded, contained event triggers & victory imperatives.
  • As a map maker you would have to construct the Mission Map with1 to 5 A.I. Ski Player Base of Ops.
  • While also bearing in mind all your Imbeded Cam Event Triggers & Victory Imperatives or Conditions.. linked to "Specific Map Sectors"
  • Again - those Ski A.I. personalities would be linked to Map Sectors & change on every re-play (But not in re-opening Game Saves).
  • The Event Triggers would be Fixed to each map sector but would manifest different gameplay depending on the A.I. Personality operating as well as the Player's "Rank & Experience" status at the moment of engagements.
  • Victory Imperatives or Conditions would also be linked to those "Specific Map Sectors".
  • The Player actions that would precipitate these New Cam Mechanisms would commence from (or be linked to) the Player's choice of Where & When to Act on the Mission Map.
  • In other words - Cardinal directions taken by the Player & the elapsed time to action in that Map Direction would set in motion the mechanisms that would manifest differently on each replay.
  • My delineation of Mission # 1 and it's 5-variant BRANCHES (or sub-set of countless possibilities) that would change on replay will make what I'm talking about here a bit clearer - or that is my intent.
  • When I get those posted I'l put a hotlink here.

Rman JackRman Jack 17:05, 26 Jan 2005 (PST)

Additional ClarificationsEdit

  • I have posted the entirety of Mission #1 Branched 5-ways in it's
  • "Pre-Script Treatment" Format
  • It illustrates most of the New Mechanisms AND How they interlock with each other as a whole.
  • Hop on over & take a gander.... :)

Questions or Comments ?Edit

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