New Tech: Weaps & Energy SourcesEdit

Colin on T-4Edit

Technology 4 aka T4

  • T1: Light weapons, cannons, machine guns, a bit primitive
  • T2: Medium weapons, cannons, missile types,..
  • T3: Heavy weapons, howy's, laser types....
  • After that T4 wich is obvious ;-), most peope would think ; hmm T4 probably super weapons..
  • Yes and no!
  • T4: booby-traps, lasershields, futuristic technology...
  • Foreign weapons,gadgets...Not mas destruction weapons,things that wil upper youre strategy......Something new and evil!!
  • Colin

Geothermal Energy SourceEdit

  • Post what know / think to replace "Oil" in Mars CAM....
  • Here.....

Hydrogen Fuel Cell EnergyEdit

  • Production, infrastructure, etc... whatever you know... here
  • For sure to be used in South American CAM & possibly Mars CAM as well.

Some thoughts on resourcesEdit

  • extensive knowledge dug up by marsbound2024 here.

Comments on ResourcesEdit

  • Interesting...
  • Unlike SC or WC or TA.... WZ schema only uses one resource for energy.... material resources for construction donot factor in the gameplay design but is rather assumed.
  • Personally..... I'd look to a combo of Hydrogen & Geothermal to supply energy with Nanotech as the foundation for assumed material constructors.
  • I think we covered the details of GFX conversions etc.. in "Mars CAM" space...
  • It's "PIE Slicer" & "WZCK" work from here-on to get to scripting stage.
  • It's where I'm at with "SA CAM"....though I think the way you've concieved "Mars CAM" there is 10 times more GFX work to do than my CAM. But Scripting, AI stuff & "WZCK" work is pretty daunting at this point for "SA CAM".....
  • Gonna concieve as "Mini-CAM" first to make it more manageable, doable & to test all new component mechanisms.

Speculating on Mars Map Types & Energy SourcesEdit

  • Got to thinking: 3-Types of Maps & 2-Types of Energy Sources.
  • Map Type 1: The kind you've been making.
  • Energy Harvesting for Type 1 Map: "Geothermal" (the Mars Magma Layer)
  • Map Type 2: Pure Polar Ice Cap.
  • Energy Harvesting for Type 2 Map: "Hydrogen Fuel"
  • Map Type 3: Mixed / Hybrid. The boundry between Polar & Equatorial.
  • Energy Harvesting for Type 3 Map: Both "Hydrogen & Geothermal".
  • Requirements:
  • New GFX for Energy Sources to replace "Oil Derricks" &
  • New Map Matte GFX for "Oil Tap"
  • "Polar Texture Tile" sub-set.

Bio-Domes: HOW toEdit

  • Modify the Victory GFX such that:
  • It can be bounded & Called at start of game over defined base areas.
  • Remove Auto-Camera Rotation FX.

Next: HOW to make "Mono-Rail Trains".... hehe. :)


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