work in progress by marsbound2024 and lav_coyote25

All these are subject to variances and alterations as seen fit. For example, formidability ratings may be more precise and/or altered.

Mars Expeditionary Forces (MEF)Edit


Can get bulky; fuel-cell engines and hybrid gas-electric engines; Can get heavy; Chassis are well armored and have decent shielding from energy weapons; Much more formidable than UE; Chassis become lighter, gain better and more efficient engines, may lose formidability some, and are more versatile as tech tree progresses.


Same tech tree as inherited from WZ2100/2120 at first. Not very efficient, but very powerful. Large weapons with much higher formidability over UE. Weapons become more efficient, accurate, lighter, and less bulky as tech tree progresses.


Tracked, Wheels, Hover, Cyborg, VTOL available initially; later, similar propulsion variants from UE may be acquired such as: inflatable wheels (very inexpensive, lightweight, can't cary heavy loads, less durable than solid wheels), spider-legs (not much more expensive than solid wheels, lightweight, very versatile, can carry around same weight as solid wheels; however, if one leg gets shot damaged or destroyed, versatility and speed cut and can become cumbersome to control), tripods (lightweight, versatile, can carry more weight than inflatable wheels, but not more than solid wheels or spider-legs; one leg gets shot off and unit is disabled, but still can fire until destroyed; durability around 15-25% less than wheeled-propulsion), bipods (lightweight, versatile, can carry a bit less weight than inflatable wheels--hence, cyborgs; fast, very inexpensive), etc.

Unit DescriptionsEdit

CE - Cyborg Engineering unit - Standard low armour rated chassis possible upgrades include:

Better sensors Faster Nav capabilities Quicker response to outside stimuli - duck and cover when shot at.

MEF-VTOL - Standard low armour rated chassis unarmed transport

work in progress...

Unknown Entities (UE)Edit


Lightweight, not too well armored, better shielding against energy weapons than humans, efficient engines, quite versatile, fast, inexpensive, can't hold much weight, definitely not what you would consider formidable.


Inflated wheels, hover, flying chassis, spider-legged, tripod, bipod (cyborg), etc. Inexpensive, versatile, variants in formidability (respectively, formidability ratings; 1-6: 2.5, 3, 3, 4, 3, 2)


Smaller, accurate, faster reload times, more inexpensive than most human weapons, not very powerful, etc.

Assault MechsEdit

UE Assault Mechs (same as cyborg but without biological centre) are faster and cheaper to produce than MEF Cyborgs, but are less formidable (both in firepower and defense).

The following is a short list of UE assault mechs and their MEF cyborg counterparts:

*UE Mech PIG - Equipped with PIG Rifle  
*MEF Cyborg Machine Gunner - Equipped with Machine Gun 

*UE Mech HIP - Equipped with HIP Rifle
*MEF Cyborg Thermite Flamer - Equipped with Thermite Flamer

*UE Mech XRIG - Equipped with XRIG Rifle 
*MEF Cyborg Heavy Gunner - Equipped with Light Cannon

*UE Mech PPLS - Equipped with PPLS 
*MEF Cyborg Grenadier - Equipped with Mortar