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Better Patch v.1.11 than v.1.12.Edit

What's your thoughts on that.

One thing I'm aware of is that NIKER has addressed some of the issues in the original release & fixed it....

I haven't tested it so...... anybody here look at NIKER's version ? RJ :)

  • yes i have - can not remember but i believe it was a whole lot better... will have to have another go ...


  • Hmm Mister spammer wil say something to.....

I did test that PURE-patch,in fact i have the hole source of it.. And when i have to be honest...i needs a fix too!! Example---->Groundshaker much stronger than a Howitzer,it also comes later in the tree....yet in this pure fix it is less strong than a Howitzer and this does have an incendairy effect.... What i'm trying to say is,if you want to do this, it is better to start on a fresh sheet. But hey i'm a spam king,don't listen to me !! Colin

Rman Follow-UpEdit

  • I sent messages to both 4nE & Strata a week ago about Patch v.1.12.
  • Strata responded within a day saying it was something he would think about.
  • I joined 4nE's new hang-out like he suggested to PM him which I did. He read within a day but has yet to respond. Seems par for the course of late. So I'd say he is thinking about it or could care less.
  • IMHO Patch 1.12 would be a good base to build on for a number reasons.
  • First fix known issues.
  • Since the Code Re-Devs 1st Build is removing known limits it will be possible to add more stuff where originally it was maxed-out.
  • Question: Add WHAT ?
  • Anything from v.1.11 worth salvaging ?
  • What about new stuff from members here ?
  • Instead of giving it a version #... maybe give it a name like WZ Prime Patch or whatever ?

Rman JackRman Jack 00:49, 17 Jan 2005 (PST)

Your CommentsEdit

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