Let's Make No Bones About ItEdit

  • Real personal POVs - on the order of epiphanies.

One Fans Take on WZ's LongevityEdit

  • In the anchient world there was an expression:
  • "All roads lead to Rome."
  • WHY the facination with WZ for all these years ?
  • WHY will it still captivate for years to come ?
  • Questions I've asked myself many a time.
  • All come to WZ for their own reasons.
  • All persist for their own reasons.
  • These are mine....
  • Surely playing the game itself is worthy to captivate your attention but it is more than that.
  • For certain, every aspect of gameing or programming can be explored within the context of WZ.
  • That exploration leads to learning & mastery - a process of inherent enjoyment.
  • Weather there is external appreciation is beside the point..... Though when you enter any professional rank that comes through naturally.
  • Also within the context of WZ one can engage any number of art forms from graphics, to music, to storytelling.
  • Out of that engagement one can further explore such diciplines as: mathematics, any number of sciences, history, philosophy, linguistics, politics, economics, military doctrine, practically any technology & on & on... One thing leads to another when your happily engaged & in the "Flow" of learning.
  • In a very real sense, at its very heart, WZ is synergetic: it's greater than the sum of its parts. Like most art of lasting value.
  • Playing WZ is just the begining of a journey that can literally take you anywhere. Its a vessel of ark like capacity if you choose to explore, if you seek mastery & enjoy process whatever the outcome.
  • And as any practicing artist or appreciator of art knows: the destination is merely the culmination of the journey thoroughly lived.
  • These expressions of experience tend to epiphany & that in itself can be intoxicating.

Next EpiphanyEdit

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