Project Mission-GoalsEdit

  • The GPLed WZ Source didnot include the original campaign's FMV Mission Briefs or music.
  • So far we have not succeded in getting permission or even legal clarification about distributing or using.
  • Rather than continue to wait & allow the GPL distro to exist with "holes", we've decided to do something.
  • This project is about "filling the holes" & will welcome any who wish to contribute towards this end - make the GPLed Cam complete as the original retail release & thus a more satisfying playing experience.
  • This will also enable the WZ GPL Version., among other boons, to be considered for inclusion in a Game Mag CD (which won't happen with "holes")
  • You don't need codiing or modding or artisitic skills to help make this a reality.
  • Just a little commitment of time every week (on some stand progs) by enough peeps can make it happen. One person trying to do it all is too much to expect but if enough folks contribute 30 mins a week of time then it can be accomplished.
  • Luv WZ & hankering for some way to tangibly help the cause - well this just may be the ticket to making that urge a reality. :D
  • 2 Provisos to bear in mind:
  • One: This is an effort to spearhead a foundation for a Project that will yield tangible results needed by the WZ GPL efforts. It's "Leader" is simply the clearly stated goal or objective for its existence along with all the individuals actively participating in its realization.
  • Two: Contructive input or criticism is welcome as long as it consists of positing well thought-out & articulate alternatives to what is being done that takes into account the feasibility & logistics of the manpower available. If it falls short of that it is unlikely to be given much credence as useful.

  • Also.... a heads-up...
  • In setting-up this Project Shell & Tasking Template I've allowed for the Concurrent Engineering of 2 Replacement Packages:
  • 1.) A "bare-bones, no-frills" version AND
  • 2.) a more ambitious & creatively exciteing "Machinma" version.
  • They over-lap in certain components & should be compatible to the extent that #1 can readily be done first & plugged into the WZ GPL work in the foreseeable future....
  • And IF #2 sees completion some time thereafter it can, with some facility, be used to replace #1 in the WZ GPL at that time (realistically, practically, a less predictable occassion down the road.
  • I trust that this approach is what is called a "Win-Win" scenario of project development.

Cheers Rman JackRman Jack 19:42, 23 Oct 2005 (UTC) aka Virgil Glyph @

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