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Ok, well as I'm still in school I have history class. So one day we learned about Vietnom and the equitment used everyday, and one thing notable in my mind that I remmember was about rocket flares. Now Rocket Flares are flares where you take the cap off and put it on the bottom and then jam your hand on it to shoot a flare out.

Now the person who was talking to us told us of how many times he would have a stand and have a vet come up to him and tell him what they would do with them. They said that they would all be in there fox holes and would get bored waiting for the enemy, so they would fire these things at each other, I was told feels like a paintball, but since there a flare it scares you. So the two buddies in foxholes would fire these flares at each other and kinda play tag. Ok well, I just thaught it was neat, while having a war it was still fun in some aspects. ~rush2049~

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WZ OPs With Robots ?Edit

  • This choice find came to our attention by way of Member Cybersphinx.
  • You Wz modders out there have got to check this out.
  • Not just as a New Unit / Platform in Wz....
  • IMHO, it could also radicalize gameplay
  • Of course all issues & concerns over game-balance would apply.
  • That would have to be looked at more comprehensively, no doubt.
  • But in the present moment - the possibilities are provocative, exiteing & MOD-inspiring.
  • Other kwel stuff on this site about Materials & Sensors well worth perusing. :)
  • Thanks Cybersphinx !

Cybersphinx Added TheseEdit

  • Some more links:

Comments on Military RobotsEdit

  • Computorboy raised this WZ chestnut:
  • Are units (armor / vtols) computor-controlled or are they occupied by "Live Pilots" ?
  • To which I respond:
  • Yea... remember that. :)
  • For many reasons I opt for "Live Pilots"
  • "Ranking" & "Experience" are meaningful to humans. So are "Kills".
  • What I have always thought deserve attention was the cybernetic linkage between "Live Pilots" & thier units.
  • In other words- the "Synaptic Link" of Cyborgs was not just useful to "Infantry" performance.
  • No reason why it could not also be used to interface with "Armor" & "Vtols"..... but also "ECMs"...
  • Then would be looking at true 21st Military Doctrine as in Intel -> Situational Awareness -> Velocity of Deployment... etc.


  • Anyone who has used games in the last decade is already aware of the usefullness in gaming as a training aid - just ask the US department of defense. in a recent move they launched a game of their own. Brings me to the question "why". which also brings the answer - training for future warriors. Also if one has followed the scifi trail as long as i have - this is just one of those natural progressions. We now have drones that are controlled by ground operators - that can and do launch of attacks on various fronts. ie: vehicles / buildings / etc. and where have these operators gained their training? yes! thru the use of computor simulations ( games ). all new training - according to what i have seen on the ol boob tube - i s via simulators. gone are the days of expensive real time live fire missions - though they do also have these - but not as frequent as in the past. So all you gamers out there - how does it feel to be on the leading edge of tech warfare?? lavcoyote25

Rman On Command SimsEdit

  • Back in early '99 I suggested to Pumpkin that they adapt WZ as a Battle Simulator for some branch of the Armed Forces.
  • Well.... all that happened with the break-up.... & forming of Pivotal... they could have done it with the "Conflict" series... but....
  • Anyhow Pandemic Studios did follow that course with the U.S. Army and produced Full Spectrum Warrior. I've played the retail version & the Army version.... very kwel.
  • Currently Destineer Studios is following this path under the guidance of the U.S. Marine Corp. That battle sim is called Close Combat: First to Fight & it's due for release in March of this year.
  • These are, however, all "Squad-Based."
  • There is still room for a "High Ranking Officer" approach.
  • One that employs "Strategic-Level" combined forces as opposed to "Squad-Level Tactical".
  • It can be done in WZ.
  • The techniques have been layed-out to make it possible.
  • Essentially the player assumes the role of a General....
  • If you PRESS Discuss this page below....
  • You will see where rush2049 & I are carrying foward this discussion in the way of both MODS to Gameplay Mechanisms as well as
  • HOW this all correlates to what the BerliOS Code ReDev Project will be working on as far as...
  • Extending Code-Base Functionality to support such MODS.

Rman JackRman Jack

Dark Raven's POVEdit

  • Seems like a WZ/RL version of the ol' Hive Frigate - with the old problem being that (especially in environments with complex topography and plentiful EM noise) there is a severe limit on the distance you can control them from.
  • They can be used for ambush/assault, frontline engagements and as force multipliers in many forms of regular combat, but they need close ground support in longer conflicts in addition to keeping their handlers fairly nearby.
  • Also, bear in mind that at a quarter of a mil US$ a pop (plus the normal USAF upkeep of their all too human handlers), they ain't gonna be deployed that thickly for a long time yet - neither we nor WZ boast Homeworld's AI-controlled microconstructor assembly bays, so losing one in combat would be a painful experience.
  • Sadly, the main role for these drones in the modern context is simply another of the USAF's weapons in the War Against Free Speech - a mere PR exercise
  • "Hey look folks we've replaced almost all of our boys with these beauties, those commie bastard reporters MUST be lying to ya 'bout those combat losses, see?!"
  • They're too logistically constrained to be used properly or very frequently in their intended role.
  • Mind you, that criticism applies mostly to the FERRET and TALON B - the old, (relatively) cheap Talon sans co-axial turret is already widely used for various behind-the-lines support tasks, mostly EOD (defusing bombs/minefields etc.), mobile recon and search-and-rescue tasks.
  • Oh and Flamey, off-topic but yes, remember if we all beef up the cannon/rail/laser tech once the limiter's released, try and beef up the direct-fire rocket/MRL tree, we need uber-minipods!

Robot Soldiers: Latest WordEdit

  • Another terrific article about the robot army of the future - published a couple days ago in the New York Times. (2/16/05)
  • It's called:
  • A New Model Army Soldier Rolls Closer to Battle

Impact of This Last ArticleEdit

  • This article caused me to reflect, in a new light, the extensive discussions last fall on:
  • "Smarter Unit A.I." thru "Threat Analysis" Schema & "GCI" assigned tactical scripts.
  • The "Global Command Interface" itself (GCI) as posited & designed.
  • New "Experience & Rank Mechanisms" defined (& integrated) at that time.
  • The Player Avatar "Commander" unit & slaved multiple Combat Groups assigned weighted tactical scripts thru the "GCI"
  • "Electronic Warfare" mechanics expanded
  • Superior Intel (Threat Analysis Sensors) augmenting unit "Situational Awareness" & "Velocity" of apt Counter Measures
  • It also made me consider more tech based on Cybernetics, Nano & Neural Net in 2100 - 2120+
  • All the above makeing for an RTS that is yet to exist.
  • Lots of food for Modding with WZCK, Pie Slicer & SVC.... :D
  • Which tends to render pure yaps a somewhat anemic pastime. (Yarns, excepted, of course.) ;-)

Additional POVs / CommentsEdit

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