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New Tech & Game DesignEdit

  • New Hardware / Software that will impact:
  • How games are made & designed....
  • How gamers experience these make believe worlds...

The "Physics Chip"Edit

  • This subject of "Game Physics" has come up in our discussions about the just released..
  • "Brothers In Arms" and
  • "Earth: 2160" the RTS in dev for release May-June '05...
  • The Next Gen consoles due the end of this year are gonna up the ante big-time in this area "Immersive Physics"....
  • They'll have the edge over PCs on the HW side.....
  • But what about a Physics Chip for the PC....?
  • It's close to becoming a reality...
  • There was some wheeling & dealing at the San Fransico "Game Developers Conference" March '05.
  • Read about it's status & the folks behind the Physics Chip...

Next Tech Advance ?Edit

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