HELP: BUG ReportEdit

  • help, ok problem detected with this site, on a mac if I try to chnage the title text bar right above where I am typing this is gives me errors, kinda like when I push backspace it sends me back like I had no cursor or anything.
  • also I can't type in there, can highlight but can't change it, also it changes to random things when I do try to change it
  • not so much a cosmetic change, but I tried
  • rush2049
  • SEE "Discuss this page" for user specs....


  • What Mac Browser are you using ?
  • It could be a bug.... in which case we will file a Bug Report with Tech Support.
  • Besides Browser - any other info you can think of.... .v #s, & such.

Rman JackRman Jack 10:10, 13 Jan 2005 (PST)

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