TOC for pagesEdit

is there an easier way to go from page to page - instead of going back to main or using the recent pages access.. i tried using links at the bottom of the pages for the mars project.. just unsure if this will cause problems or what? lavcoyote25

Some SolutionsEdit

  • For example: If you are on any page in the Mars Project you can use the What Links Here function....

If that is not what you mean - give me an example & I can probably do something to make it easier. :)

Rman JackRman Jack 22:53, 11 Jan 2005 (PST)

Additional SolutionsEdit

  • each page that uses one has a toc - i was wondering if it was possible to have it so a person could click on a return button and go back to the mars project main page... dunno how else to describe it.

like this Mars Campaign Project

but have it in the toc as such. lavcoyote25

Last PossibilityEdit

  • Now I'll go do it on the Main Project Page. Rman
  • The TOC Items can ONLY reference Section on that Pages Space.
  • In other words TOC Items cannot hotlink to a nested layer. What change I made is best I can do on Main Projects Page TOC.
  • If you are OUTSIDE of Mars Project Space in another nested Space & you want to directly link to Mars Project Space then you can use the Internal Re-Direct Form I did above that goes from here to there.
  • But like I said that cannot be put as a direct link in the Main TOC..... though I did get the "Coyote's Mars Campaign Project" in the TOC which I think is what was mainly needed so you could see right away that it was there & then that drops you down to the hotlink....that'll take you there...
  • The TOC Items are really jumps to Sectional Space on THAT Page - Not another Page.
  • I also put 2 Direct Hotlinks to Mars Project Space right on the "Home Page". Hard to miss, I'd say. :) Rman

More SuggestionsEdit

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