RECOVERED DOCUMENTS OF DR.REED/COLLAPSE EXPLANATION Documented by Darrel Hammond,rescued NASDA founder/Project executive leader[Leader:John Hammond] c.2110


---Year 2050 ---

NATO alliance collapses in face of growing nationalism and unrest in Europe.

--- Year 2064 ---

A group of scientists including Reed theorized possible aids in defendind North America[NA].

--- Year 2075 ---

Nationalist unrest in Eastern Europe and Asia leads to nuclear attacks by terrorists.

The group of scientists a.k.a.'Engineering Gods' start a government-funded project codenamed'Synaptic Link'...later known as Cyborgs...

--- Year 2077 ---

Mongolia attacks China[Reed theorizes NEXUS Intruder Program in digital log recovered in destroyed NEXUS systems...possibly a copy of original log?].

--- Year 2078 ---

Reed experiments without government support on the NEXUS intruder Program in private lab[data also in log].

--- Year 2079 ---

Korea allies with Mongolia[Reed secretly established interstellar contact with an alien race...also in log]

--- Year 2080 ---

Synaptic Link project patented.First Cybernetic soldier developed.

Reed tried to develop NEXUS Intruder Program under government but with little progress his funding was cut[Reeds whereabouts at time were unknown. Log says he escaped to aliens' planet and his peers stayed on Earth to carry out his orders via transmissions from planet].

NASDA[North American Strategic Defense Agency] formed to protect NA from nuclear strikes[

--- Year 2081 ---

NASDA begins constructing satellite defense array[Laser/Nuclear counterstrike systems].

--- Year 2082 ---

NASDA satellite/ground systems come-online[Reed had a spy in NASDA...log says the spy scouted security flaws in system...Reed also completed Intruder Program].

--- Year 2084 ---

Reed with help of aliens and peers planted v1.8 Intruder Program into NASDA core systems[Reed made improved Intruder Program that corrupted and rewrote internal memory banks] and sent the'shelter' and other alien technology to peers for the rebuilding of the world after the 'accident'[hence the start of NEXUS].

I noticed some strange activity in the CPU data screening... at this time I hadn't known of NEXUS so I manualy checked the data core and found a file labled 'NEXUS_SYS_REV.vrs' but the file was indestructable! Soon after realizing why it was there...there being no hope, I had taken an emergency leave and left my apprentice[who I believe later founded The Collective...similar voice..just touched up a little...] incharge and fled to an area most likly untargeted for it's lack of population...Alaska.

--- Year 2085 ---

During routine testing the NASDA computers 'malfuntion'[reprogram] and launches nuclear strikes[to begin Reed's so called 'Future'?] against all densly-populated zones in the world. Even if a country wasn't directly hit, it still could've been affected by the nuclear winter. The countrys targeted reponded with nuclear counterstrikes...the NASDA fails to defend against incoming missles[I believe my apprenticehad realized what was going wrong so he had shut down what he could before the nuclear strikes took place....a real hero...]but the 'shelter' for the founders of NEXUS was in a sparsly not much unlike my my shelter only different location...the closer to SA part of The Rockies..

--- Year 2086 ---

to be continued...