Socio-Political Premises in WZ 2Edit

  • 2050 Lunar Colony Independence & the Mars Project commences.
  • 2070: Sufficient Mars foothold attained to encourage migration from Earth via Moonbase OPs.
  • Year 2075 Pre-Collapse "Martial Law"
  • 2076-2090 Nuclear Winter
  • 2090-2100: The Rise & Fall of "Nexus"
  • 2100-2120:
  • The Rise of Project Technocracy
  • The Rise of Scav Tribal Feudalism
  • The Rise of the Autocratic Asian "Mangodai"
  • The struggle stirs to re-claim Democracy
  • Forays from Moonbase & Mars Colony seek to ally with Democratic forces.

Expanding on all the PremisesEdit

Tipping-points & Watershed ConceptsEdit

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