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  • Angela suggested this & I think it's a kwel idea. So.....
  • Add more that strike you as apropos. :)

FREE WZ: Updated 3/26/05Edit

  • For those new to Warzone 2100 ...
  • Member Jocke>>TF<< has been busy again & has updated his work 3/26.
  • Download & get to playing.... no fuss, no muss.
  • He writes:
  • The installer includes: Warzone 2100 Version 1.10 (no cd) & All Sequences with MP3 Music
  • I just thought everyone needed a new version of the game with all the sequences and a nocd version of 1.10 (included in the installer), so i made this installer!
  • I got the original version of the game and this version works as good as the original exept that you need the original cd's for the music.
  • I converted the Music to 3 MP3 files (256 kbps) they are in the music folder.
  • This game got some problems running in Win XP SP1 but works very good in SP2.
  • Some Nvidia graphics cards may have problems with displaying the text in the game.
  • Bit Comet - A great bit torrent client (needed for the download):
  • Warzone 2100 Setup.torrent - open this file with bitcomet to start downloading the installer
  • Version 1.10a - a new version of the warzone exe
  • I will upload the game to fileplanet, fileshack and some other mirrors.....
  • Othe Links can be had at

Some Prime Community LinksEdit

  • reappeared 3/19/05 after mysteriously vanishing for 10 days.
  • A Mirror of the old "Pumpkin-2 bbs" are being hosted on Cowboy's DG server:

- Brand New Site to serve the function of a NEWS Aggregator to the WZ Community.

Forthcoming: Latest Editions OfEdit

  • WZ Creation Tools & Utilities in their latest incarnations.
  • Coyote's WZ Documents Project: the Modder's indispensable HOW-TO.

Coyote's WZ Doc ProjectEdit

( old!! see new addition march 13 2005 )

  • February 12, 2005
  • New Edition 3.7
  • Now includes Karma's New Script Language Package

( MAY 17 2005 - NEW !!! See new addition - 4.6 at the link below) lav_coyote25 - may 17 2006

  • Just over 40 mb
  • At WZTOYS here...register / receive verifying email / login...
  • If you just want to VIEW on-line use the link in Some Prime Community Links section above.

Strata's MOD ToolsEdit

  • Stratadrake's PIE Slicer and WZ Customizer Kit
  • Strata has completed a Major Upgrade to PIE Slicer. The ".PCX" file loading bug was tracked down & fixed.
  • Currently he is working on a total re-codeing of WZCK....
  • And the re-made "WZCK" is READY ! works beautiful too ! Terrific job Strata.

Troman's Utilities, Tools & Skirmish A.I.sEdit

  • Troman's GK Skirmish A. I. and Warzone Starter combo:
  • Latest version of GK (GK Custom) must be included with it.
  • If GK Custom A.I. is not included, try this:
  • Mission Script Editor Link:

Rman JackRman Jack 20:06, 18 Jan 2005 (PST)

NIKER's "BP A.I." and "KMS"Edit

  • "BP" aka "Become Prey" Skirmish A.I. - one of the best in the Genre of RTS.
  • "KMS" aka K-I-C-K Mod Switcher & Patch Modules.
  • NIKER has also created a very useful A.I. script writing tool called:
  • VSC v.2.5 aka .Vlo .Slo Compiler also available at the above link.

"World Edit" Ready to Rock 'n RollEdit

  • What Pumpkin used to create orginal CAM.
  • Put together for easy install by Member Chojun.
  • You can download at Speedy's place:
  • Our FAQs Section has a step-by-step procedural for Campaign File Assembly.

IRC Channel InfoEdit

This Server & Channel Work Now:

  • #twz

Rman JackRman Jack 17:16, 13 Jan 2005 (PST)

These Are Iffy:

  • #twz
  • #pumpkin-2
  • #warzone2100

Rman JackRman Jack 17:16, 13 Jan 2005 (PST)


  • seems to be down - possible server problems - dunno.


  • Thanks Coyote.
  • Similar problem as with the "Pumpkin-2".... someone forgot to register the Domain.... t'was only paid for 1-year & that expired in Feb. '05.
  • I hope that all Code Re-Dev work now utilizes the tools & facilities at the BerliOS Repository...
  • I have back-ups of bb's going back to 1999.
  • For me this is a prompt to use these Wiki facilities for more stuff (like "Writers & Artist Gallery" work).
  • We also have the New Content Server - any files can be put on that & the Domain is registered for years to come.... could even set-up bbs but will not .....
  • Because I luv Wiki & believe there are already more bbs than can be supported by the active fan base.
  • Personally Wiki suits me way more than a bb structure.. esp. for the mission goals followed here
  • With this Wiki..... there are no "limbo" concerns... The "Ipedia" Foundation is solid & run robustly.
  • Rman 3/10

WarZone 2100 Documents Project 4.2Edit

  • March 13 2005 lavcoyote25
  • have uploaded newest version - still under 20 mb - Register on site and download.

here Edit


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